Carver M-0.5t

Carver M-0.5t
8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 140 W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 200 W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch 300 W
Center Channel Power
Rear Channel Power
Bridged mono power -
Parallel mono power
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.1 %
IM Distortion
Input Impedance (Line)
Input Sensitivity
Rated full power bandwidth 20-20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB 110
Slew Rate 180
Power Consumption
Dynamic Headroom
Dimensions (HxWxD inches) 3.5x19x11.8
Comments Stereo. Anthracite finish.
Transfer function modified magnetic field power amplifier. Silver seven transfer function modified. 140 watts RMS/channel into 8 ohms, 20-20 KHZ with no more than 0.1% THD. 220 W/RMS/ch. Into 4 ohms, 20-20 KHZ with no more than 0.1% THD. Overload/clipping LED's. Closed loop frequency response from under 10 HZ to above 100 KHZ.