Carver M-1.0t

Carver M-1.0t
8-ohm FTC rated power/ch 200W
4-ohm FTC rated power/ch 500W
2-ohm dynamic power/ch
Center Channel Power
Rear Channel Power
Bridged mono power 1000W
Parallel mono power
4/8-ohm FTC rated THD 0.15%
IM Distortion
Input Impedance (Line)
Input Sensitivity
Rated full power bandwidth 20Hz to 20kHz
S/N-IHF A-Weighted,dB -110dB, IHF A-Weighted
Slew Rate >200
Power Consumption
Dynamic Headroom
Dimensions (HxWxD inches)
HOW BOB CARVER CREATED A NEW MAGNETIC FIELD AMPLIFIER WITH THE SOUND CHARACTERISTICS OF A $3000 MODEL, SATISFIED SOME OF THE WORLD'S MOST HIGHLY TRAINED AUDIO EARS ... AND HOW YOU CAN OWN HIS DESIGN FOR UNDER $500. Bob Carver's newest Magnetic Field Amplifier is sending shock waves through the staid audiophile world. Because it won a challenge that no other amplifier design could even consider. The M-1.0t was judged, in extensive listening tests by one of the America's most respected audiophile publications, to be the sonic equivalent of a pair of legendary, esoteric mono amplifiers which retail for over fives times as much. A DESING FOR THE CHALLENGE OF MODERN MUSIC REPRODUCITON. Before you learn the fascinating details of Bob Carver's unprecedented feat, let's consider the final product of that challenge. An amplifier design which starts on its own merits in any case, with astonishing high voltage/high current output and exclusive operation features. An amplifier for the demands of compact digital discs, VHS Hi-fi and other wide dynamic range play back media. THE M-1.0t: • Has a continuous FTC sine-wave output conservatively rated at 200 watts RMS per channel into 8 ohms from 20Hz to 20kHz with no more than 0.15% THD. • Produces 350-500 watts per channel of RMS power and 800-1100 watts peak power for transients. (8 ohms and 4 ohms respectively). • Delivers 1000 watts continuous sine wave output at 8 ohms in bridging mode without switching or modification. • Employs Bass Phase Inventory circuitry that can essentially double current output at low frequencies. • Has a 100dB signal-to-noise ratio and no need for noisy external fan, making it exceptionally quiet. • Includes elaborate safeguards including DC Offset and Short Circuit Power interrupt protection. • Is capable of handling unintended 1-ohm speaker loads without shutting down. • Uses a power display capable of 1 milli-second peak response time and instant warning of clipping. POWER FOR THE CHALLENGES OF MUSIC WAVEFORMS. The rating differences between the M-1.0t's FTC and Carver's continuous RMS power reserves represent Bob's insistence that electronic designs should address real world problems. He reasoned that the M-1.0t must excel at reproducing those type of power waveforms that are most essential to music's stunning impact and realism. First there are the instantaneous peak transients – the sudden individual attacks of each musical note which demand a tremendous amount of amplifier power. While these waveforms last less than 1/100 of a second, they form the keen edge of musical reality. Next come combinant musical crests of demand for multiple instruments and their harmonics. These longer-term power demands usually come and go in less than a second, yet can tax all but the most powerful amplifier. Thus, even at 8 ohms and an extremely high output current levels, the Carver M-1.0t not only delivers over 800 watts of peak power for momentary musical transients, but can provide over 350 watts RMS of longer-term power for demands lasting up to 20 seconds. More power, more current and more voltage than any other comparably-priced amplifier. THE MAGNETIC FIELD AMPLIFIER vs. CONVENTION Audiophiles, critics and ultimately other manufacturers have accepted the wisdom of Bob Carver's innovative approach of delivering power in musical terms. Yet only Carver has so elegantly translated theory into practice. Figure 1 shows the new Carver M-1.0t Magnetic Field amplifier. It weighs 20 pounds and runs cool to the touch. Behind it is the outline of the pair of legendary mono amplifiers you'll read more about below. Even individually, they can hardly be lifted and demand stringent ventilation requirements. And yet, according to some of the most discriminating audiophiles in the world, Bob's new design is their sonic equal. The ultimate secret lies in the patented Magnetic Field Coil (figure 2) employed in the Carver M-1.0t. Instead of increasing cost, size and heat output with storage circuits, Magnetic Field Amplification delivers its awesome output from this small but powerful component. The result is a design capable of simultaneous high current and high voltage. A compact cool running design that fills your room with sound, not bulk. CARVER'S GREAT AMPLIFIER CHALLENGE. On the merits of its enviable specification and features and alone, the M-1.0t could easily has become another industry benchmark of power, accuracy and economy. But Bob is never satisfied. He felt that his fifth Magnetic Field Amplifier design should be even more remarkable. So last year, he made a bold offer to the editors of Stereophile Magazine, one of America's most respected audiophile publications. He claimed that he could make special modifications to his new amplifier design which would enable it sound EXACTLY like a high-priced, esoteric, perfectionist amplifier (or amplifiers) the editors could choose. Moreover, his design work would not happen in his Lynnwood, Washington Laboratory, but in a motel room near Stereophile's office in New Mexico. And would match the M-1.0t's final sound to any contender in 48 hours. As the magazine put it, 'If it were possible, wouldn't it already have been done? Bob's claim was something we just couldn't just pass unchallenged'. Out of respect, ethics (and even a little bit of awe), neither Stereophile Magazine nor Carver will divulge the name of the legendary 'world class' mono vacuum tube amplifiers that were selected as the M-1.0t's contender. Suffice to say that was transpired in the next 48 hours is high fidelity history. It makes great reading in Stereophile, Vol. 8, No. 6, or in the reprint we'll send you on the request. MUSIC IS THE FINAL PROOF. The Stereophile evaluation team was admittedly skeptical ('We wanted Bob to fail. We wanted to hear a difference'). They drove both amplifiers with some of the finest components in the world. Through reference speakers that are nothing short of awesome. But it was their ears and carefully selected music range from chamber to symphonic to high-impact pop that led them to write, '... each time we'd put the other amplifier in and listen to the same musical passage again, and hear exactly the same thing. On the second day of listening to his final design, we threw in the towel and conceded Bob the bout. According to the rules ... Bob has won'. The inquiring audiophile can't help but wonder if M-1.0t production models will sound as good. Ask the man who designed it. “I promise they will sound exactly the same. And just as good. In fact, I stake my reputation and that of our company on it”. SHARE THE CHALLENGE AND THE VICTORY. The real winner is you. Because you can own world class, superlative electronics at reasonable prices by visiting your nearest Carver dealer. Compare the new M-1.0t against any and all competition. Including the very expensive amplifiers that have been deemed the M-1.0t's sonic equivalent. But even if you can't make that comparison, you won't be surprised when the M-1.0t lives up to every other claim in this ad. What you will be surprised at is just how affordable this much power, musicality and accuracy can be.